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Stock Order Status in KAF ETRADE: Open, Match, Reject, What Else?

Stocks on the Indonesia Stock Exchange generally have a trading mechanism through the Jakarta Automated Trading System (JATS). In this system, all sell offers and buy requests from various Exchange Members are collected and then transacted continuously automatically.

Investors can place orders to sell and buy stocks using the online trading system (OLT) at the Exchange Member where they are customers. When inputting an order, a sell offer or buy request will certainly not be immediately transacted, but must queue with thousands of other orders.

KAF Sekuritas provides the KAF ETRADE (powered by Neo BOFIS) OLT system to make it easier for customers to carry out the stock trading process. Investors can monitor the status of their orders to ensure they are open, matched, or rejected.

“How come the order status is basket, not open?”

“An order that's already open, why is it suddenly withdrawn?”

“Just entered an order, why did it get rejected?”

So, what other order statuses are there in KAF ETRADE and what do they mean?

  1. Basket → The order are still in queue to enter JATS, usually due to input outside trading hours or temporary system constraints.

  2. Open → The order has been entered into JATS and is waiting to be matched. The price and number of lots of stock can be changed at this point.

  3. Matched → The order transaction has occurred at the best bid or best offer price in the market.

  4. Partial → The order is matched for part of the lot. The remaining unmatched lots still can be amended.

  5. Amended → The order has been changed in price and/or quantity resulting in a new open order.

  6. Withdrawn → The order is canceled manually or automatically by the system because it has passed the expiry time.

  7. Reject → The orders is rejected because the price does not match the fraction, the price or number of lots of stock exceeds the auto rejection limit, or the stock is suspended.

Stock trades will be matched quickly with KAF ETRADE! Download the Neo BOFIS app on the Play Store and App Store:


Disclaimer: The content is made for educational purposes, not a recommendation to buy or sell a particular stock. PT KAF Sekuritas Indonesia is licensed and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

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