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FAQs (Indonesia)

  • Where is the KAF Sekuritas Indonesia office located?
    KAF Sekuritas head office is located at Treasury Tower Floor 28 Unit D, District 8 SCBD Area Lot 28, Jl. Gen. Sudirman Kav 52–54, South Jakarta 12190. For further details, please check the sectionContact Us.
  • What are the office hours and services of PT KAF Sekuritas Indonesia?
    KAF Securities operational hours are Monday–Friday 08.30–17.30 WIB. KAF Securities does not operate on Saturdays, Sundays, as well as national holidays and collective holidays.
  • Is my money safe if invested through KAF?
    KAF Sekuritas is a company that is licensed, registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Each customer's investment funds are transacted according to the trading mechanism regulated by the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).
  • What is KAF?
    PT KAF Sekuritas Indonesia is a securities company based in Jakarta and is a member of the Indonesian Stock Exchange (BEI) with the broker code DU. Before being acquired by KAF Group on March 27 2019, KAF Sekuritas was known as PT Varia Inti Sekuritas. KAF Group itself is a financial services group from Malaysia that focuses on Money Market activities, Investment Banking, Stock Brokerage, Islamic Banking, Research, Investment Fund Management, as well as Fund Advisory and Trustee Services. KAF Group's reputation is proven by its prudent risk management and internal control practices. This makes KAF an ideal partner for a variety of financial product and service needs.
  • Is Stock Education Training Available?
    KAF Sekuritas has an exclusive educational program under the name Market Review (ULPAS) which is held every Friday via Zoom Meeting with stock trading practitioners. This program contains a presentation of the latest market conditions as well as a discussion of selected shares.
  • Is KAF Registered and Licensed?
    KAF Sekuritas Indonesia has a Securities Trader Intermediary (PPE) business license with number KEP-194 / PM / 1992 and an Exchange Member (AB) business license with number SPAB-97 / JATS / JSX. I.1/V/1995.
  • What services are offered?
    KAF Sekuritas offers investment servicesshares regularlyoffline noronline. Customers can make sales offers or purchase requests via telephone (offline) or useonline trading system KAF ETRADE is or applicationmobile Neo BOFIS.
  • What types of customers are there at KAF Sekuritas
    KAF Sekuritas serves individual and institutional customers. Prospective individual customers can open securities accounts online and offline, while institutions can only do so individually offline.
  • What are the bank RDN accounts available?
    RDN Bank is available for opening securities accounts online: BCA (can only be used for personal BCA accounts) Permata (can only be used for personal accounts from any bank). RDN Bank is available for opening securities accounts offline: CIMB Niaga (individuals) Mandiri (individuals and institutions) BCA (individuals and institutions). All three can be used for personal accounts from any bank.
  • What are the terms and conditions for opening an account online and what are the steps?
    Visit the account opening page, then click “Register New Account” or “Create an Account”. Prepare a photo of your KTP, NPWP (if any), and account book or applicationm-Banking. Fill in the data and upload the required documents and check the agreement in the account opening agreement section. Account opening will be processed in approximately 1-2 working days. For a more complete tutorial,
  • What are the terms and conditions for opening an account offline and what are the steps?
    Fill out the form for Opening a Customer Securities Account and Customer Fund Account (RDN) which can be downloaded at our website. Read the terms and conditions in the Agreement for Opening a Customer Securities Account and Customer Fund Account (RDN), then provide an initial and signature with a stamp of IDR 10,000 on each page as required. Include copies of required documents: Photocopy of Prospective Individual Customer's KTP and/or Beneficial Owner. Photocopy of KTP of Spouse or Parents (for prospective customers who are Housewives or Students). Photocopy of NPWP. Photocopy of Family Card (for prospective customers who are Housewives or Students). Photocopy of the first page of the Bank Account Book or screenshot application m-Banking which contains information on the account number and customer name. When filling out the Customer Fund Account (RDN) form, there are several points you need to pay attention to: All documents must be completed with capital letters. Addresse-mail and telephone number is mandatory. In the “Account Type” column, please check “Business Savings” In the “Aims and Objectives Related to Banks” column, please check “Saving”.
  • What is the minimum initial deposit that the customer needs to put in?
    There is no minimum initial deposit during the securities account opening process. However, customers need to immediately top up their RDN balance (top up or deposit funds) minimum IDR 100,000 to activate a securities account.
  • What if I don't have a NPWP?
    Prospective customers are allowed not to include an NPWP if they do not meet the taxpayer requirements. Please request the format of the Certificate of Not Having NPWP to KAF Sekuritas Customer Service via WhatsApp (08118853175), fill in and wet signature with seal, then upload it to the Statement (Agreement) section on the registration page. Physical documents (hard copy) from the Certificate of Not Having NPWP must then be sent to the office address of PT KAF Sekuritas Indonesia
  • What is RDN?
    RDN atau Rekening Dana Nasabah is an investment fund account to hold trading transactions on the stock market. Investors can track their balance on RDN. Documentation of customer funds at the Bank RDN differs from the recording of funds at securities companies.
  • How long does it take to open an account?
    Opening a securities account will be processed within 1-2 working days if the data is complete and meets RDN Bank verification.
  • How do I withdraw funds?
    Withdrawing funds can be done via the feature Withdraw Cash by filling in a nominal amount that does not exceed the remaining funds. Withdrawals before 11.00 WIB (working days) will be completed on the same day, while withdrawals after 11.00 will be processed on the following working day.
  • How to top up funds (top up) on RDN?
    This can be done by transferring funds from the account registered during the account opening process to the RDN number previously notified via e-mail Activation. The RDN number can also be found on the menu Withdraw Cash.
  • When are IDX trading hours?
  • How much does it cost (fee) transaction buying and selling shares at KAF Sekuritas?
    Fee buy: 0.15% of total transactions. Fee selling: 0.25% of total transactions.
  • When the market is closed, can customers place orders for the next day?
    If you want to place an order outside trading hours, customers can choose the GTC option (Good till Cancel) or GTD (Good till Date) in the column Expiry Of Order Form. Orders set as GTC will not expire as long as the customer does not cancel the order, while GTD means the order is valid until the date specified by the customer.
  • Is the KAF E-TRADE system the best?
    KAF E-TRADE certainly still has a lot of room for growth. Therefore, KAF Sekuritas is always committed to presenting online trading system best for customers.
  • How to use real-time chart?
    Investors can go to the menu Chart and choose Intraday Chart, Advanced Intraday Chart, or Advanced Historical Chart. On Intraday Chart, investors can use mode Real-time (prioritizing the latest data) or Entire Day (displays all trading data). Meanwhile on Advanced Intraday Chart and Advanced Historical Chart, investors can use the VWAP technical indicator and compare price movements between stocks.
  • Is the feature Smart Order available?
    KAF ETRADE has provided features Smart Order which allows investors to make transactions or orders that have predetermined limits. There are 4 actions you can take: Smart Buy, Smart Sell, Smart Portfolio, and One Cancel Other. Smart Buy: This feature will buy shares automatically according to the specified price. Purchased shares can be automatically resold withStop Loss orTake Profit. Smart Sell: This feature will sell shares automatically according to the specified price. Shares sold can be automatically bought back with Buy Back. Smart Portfolio: This feature performs a sell order when Market Value of the portfolio reaches a certain figure relative to Average Price the acquisition. Price limit criteria against average price it can be above (Take Profit) or below (Stop Loss). One Cancel Other: This feature combines algorithms Smart Buy and Smart Sell which if one is triggered and sends an order, the other one will be deactivated.
  • Are KAF ETRADE's features or algorithms good?
    KAF ETRADE's features and algorithms are very capable of protecting investors from technical losses when making transactions. KAF Securities also continues to carry out maintenance and development online trading system in order to increase customer satisfaction
  • How to buy and sell shares?
    Customers can buy and sell shares via the menu Order Form. There are options Buy Order, Sell Order, Amend Order, as well as Withdraw Order according to the needs. The customer then fills in the order information such as share name, price, purchase amount based on lots or rupiah, until the expiration time (expiry).
  • Can I get a complete guide to using KAF ETRADE?
    After the customer is successfully registered, Customer Service KAF Sekuritas will send a user guide document via WhatsApp. If a document is lost or deleted, the customer can ask for the document back Customer Service KAF Securities
  • What if I forgot User ID?
    Click the button Forgot Password on the page login KAF ETRADE (via website or application mobile), then fill in the fields User ID and E-mail registered. Customer will receive e-mail contains a link to go to the page Reset Password, then please enter a new password.
  • Why is my account suspended?
    There are two factors that cause a customer's account to be suspended (account status suspended): The initial deposit has not yet been made for new customers who have successfully opened a securities account. Please top up RDN first to restore the account (open suspend). Not yet completed maturity (T+3 and so on). Please pay off your due obligations along with penalties to restore your account.
  • Why can't I login ke system KAF ETRADE?
    Check again User ID and Password that you entered. If it still doesn't work, please use the feature "Forgot Password" to reset the password. Customers can also contact Customer Service KAF Securities when problems continue to occur repeatedly.
  • How do I see my due date?
    Due date information can be seen in the menu Portfolio on the website ( While in the app mobile (Neo BOFIS), maturity information can be seen in the menu Portfolio, then click Settlement. The maturity period will be visible from T+0 to T+2.
  • How to change password or transaction PIN?
    Change menu password or PIN available at the top right of the website display ( or at the top left of the application display mobile (Neo BOFIS). Please select “Change Password" or "Change PIN”, then enter password or old PIN along with password or a new PIN.
  • How to order E-IPO (Electronic Indonesia Public Offering)?
    Access menus E-IPO through KAF ETRADE or go directly to the registration Fill in the form according to the customer's personal data registered during the account opening process at KAF Sekuritas. Activate your E-IPO account by clicking the link sent via e-mail and verify phone number. After success login to the E-IPO profile, please add Broker Dealer data in the column provided. Select “DU – KAF SEKURITAS INDONESIA” as a participant and fill in the customer SID number obtained during the account opening process. KAF Sekuritas will authenticate customer requests within a maximum of 1 working day. If it has been authenticated, customers can immediately place an E-IPO order by selecting the offer available on the When filling out the order form, make sure the RDN balance is sufficient for the total IPO you wish to purchase. Customers can then view the order status and allotment on the Order menu during or after the offer period.
  • How to convert Warrants into Parent Shares?
    Customers can convert or redeem warrants by requesting a redemption form from Customer Service KAF Securities. Please submit the completed form in form soft copy to the address e-mail or in form hard copy to the KAF Securities head office. Before making a redemption, ensure that customer funds are available at RDN and documents have been submitted before 14.00 WIB.
  • Can I cancel an E-IPO order and how?
    Cancellations or changes to order amounts can only be made by System Participants (in this case KAF Securities). Please contact Customer Service KAF Securities to cancel or change IPO orders
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