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Privacy Policy

Our commitment to privacy of KAF Sekuritas Indonesia website is for privacy, integrity, and security of personal data of customers and prospective customers. KAF Sekuritas Indonesia's privacy policy is reviewed every year. Any updates to the privacy policy will be notified online.


Privacy Policy KAF Sekuritas Indonesia

How and why we collect personal information

KAF Sekuritas Indonesia is very concerned with your personal information and when we use it, we use it to oversee your privacy. We use your personal information to service and maintain your account, to process transactions in your account, answer your questions as well as the legal counsel you, develop, offer, and submit products and services, or to comply with the provisions of law and regulations. KAF Sekuritas Indonesia is entitled to collect personal information about you, which is confidential, or not, from the following sources:

  • From you or your legal counsel in form or application (for example: name, address, taxpayer identification number, date of birth, wealth, and income)

  • Of transaction activity in your account (for example: note purchase and balance)

  • From other interactions with KAF Sekuritas Indonesia (for example: a discussion with our customer service employees or information that you enter into our web) 

  • From you or your legal counsel related to your preferences (for example: your choice for the delivery of statements electronically)

  • From other sources with the approval of your own or your legal representative (for example from another institution if you do transfer your portfolio purchased from these institutions to KAF Sekuritas Indonesia)


How do we protect your information

KAF Sekuritas Indonesia contends that the protection of personal information is the corner stone of customer confidence and healthy business practices. We are controlling the procedures by electronic or manual controls and we regularly adapt to changing needs and technological developments.


KAF Sekuritas Indonesia, we are restricting access to personal information to those who need to develop, support, offer and provide products and services to you.


How do we provide information about you to third parties

KAF Sekuritas Indonesia does not provide personal information about their customers to third parties unaffiliated for the purpose of marketing their products and services. We are only able to provide such personal information to the following parties:

  • Unaffiliated service providers (for example; printing and shipping, marketing service providers, and other parties that provide services on the instructions of KAF Sekuritas Indonesia)

  • Government agencies, Indonesian Central Securities Depository (KSEI), the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and law enforcement officials (for example: for the purposes of taxation or reporting of suspicious transactions)

  • Other organizations, with your consent or under the direction of the attorney you (for example, if you declare KAF Sekuritas Indonesia as a reference finances in applying for a credit card to bank), or other things that are permitted or required by law (for example, , for fraud prevention measures) Provider our service providers are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of the personal information that we provide and use it only in order to provide the services specified by the KAF Sekuritas Indonesia.

If you do business with KAF Sekuritas Indonesia through investment professionals, we may share information we collect with your investment professional or by another party with his authority.


How do we provide information about you in KAF environment Sekuritas Indonesia

We may disclose personal information about you to companies affiliated with KAF Sekuritas Indonesia, including internal service providers that provide printing services, mail delivery, and management of data.


In addition, if you interact directly with KAF Sekuritas Indonesia as individual investors, we can exchange certain information about you with the division of financial services of KAF Sekuritas Indonesia and other affiliation, such as brokerage, where this information is only used for the purposes of marketing products and legally permissible services.


Information obtained about clients of the investment professionals do not we give to parties affiliated with the KAF Sekuritas Indonesia for marketing purposes, except with the consent of your or your investment professional and permitted by applicable law.


Confidentiality of transactions conducted online

Privacy, security, and service in online operation KAF Sekuritas Indonesia is very important as well as our other businesses. We use among others firewall security, encryption techniques and authentication procedures, to maintain the security of your online session and to protect the accounts and systems KAF Sekuritas Indonesia from unauthorized access.


When you interact with us through online channels (for example, Web and mobile applications) that are owned and controlled by the KAF Sekuritas Indonesia ("Site KAF Sekuritas Indonesia"), KAF Sekuritas Indonesia manages personal information based on all the practices and safeguards data described previous.


When you visit the Site KAF Sekuritas premises, we may collect technical and navigational information, such as the type of equipment, type of browser, Internet protocol address, pages visited, and average time that passed in KAF largest Sekuritas Indonesia. We use this information for various purposes, such as maintaining the safety of your online sessions, facilitate site navigation, develop site design and functionality, and tailor your experience on the Site KAF Sekuritas Indonesia.


KAF Sekuritas Indonesia associated with the Web in social media sites

KAF Sekuritas Indonesia provide experience in social media platforms where users can share listed online and we collaborate can collect the information you provide when interacting with us through social media such as photos, opinions, or Twitter. Each the content that you post, such as pictures, information, opinions or any personal information you make available to other participants on these social platforms, is also subject to the terms of use and privacy policy of the platforms. Please see the section to understand your rights and obligations relating to the content.


KAF Sekuritas Indonesia Mobile apps

KAF Sekuritas Indonesia Mobile applications ("Apps”) allows you to access your account, buying and selling securities, to transfer funds, and access news and research using wireless devices or mobile devices. Our privacy policy applies to any personal information or other information that we collect through Apps.


Additional information

If you are not a customer yet, this policy still applies to you, we will treat you in the same way as we do for customers.


KAF Sekuritas Indonesia offers several options for accessing and, if necessary, correct your account information. You can review your information using an affidavit, or via our internet service. You can also write or call us to ask our information. If serve you by professional investment, please contact them live. Internet-address, postal address and telephone numbers that can be reached is listed on your reports and other correspondence.


Dated: 25 March 2020

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